Facebook Inequalities

Facebook Inequalities

There are many ways to connect with your customers, and Facebook is certainly a good one. Facebook has a staggering number of members; all of us either have a Facebook account, or know someone that does. But as with anything, sometimes there are false hopes on how Facebook will increase your profits. So when you’re incorporating Facebook into your marketing, here are 3 things to keep in mind:

1. Fans ≠ Customers

Facebook is a great way to interact with potential and existing clients. Fans are great – we love it when we get new friends on our own page! But it’s always important to remember that building a fanbase is only a part of the online marketing equation. Better to have 200 fans that turn into satisfied customers, than 2,000,000 fans that Like your page and then promptly forget you exist.

2. Likes ≠ Sales

Likes are good. Likes can give you some insight into how well your message is connecting with an audience. But Likes are not a sale adding to your bottom line. It’s one thing for someone to Like a picture of your product – but are they going on to buy it?

3. Posting a random picture of your product every day ≠ Effective Social Marketing

One of my favorite restaurants is Dewey’s Pizza, a local gourmet pizza chain in Cincinnati. They have seasonal offerings, as well as “limited time” favorites. Posting an image of a crowd favorite that’s “Coming Back Soon!” is a great way to generate customer interest. But contrast this with a national fast-food chain, that posts a yet another picture of french fries, a burger, or a chicken nugget meal every morning. It would far better to let customers know about a new special, or a new menu item… and perhaps even post less frequently. Post unoriginal, repetitive content too often – and your customers will simply click the “Hide Business from Newsfeed” button.

Whether you advertise on the radio, in a magazine, on television – or on Facebook, it’s important that your marketing always be the most effective it can be. Hopefully these 3 tips will improve your approach to marketing… and if we can help, let us know!


John L Horne is the Creative Director of 7Hills Communications. When he’s not driving his Wacom, he drinks quite a bit of coffee and plays drums.

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