Case Study: Ocala Magazine

Case Study: Ocala Magazine

Ocala Magazine is the most decorated city magazine in Florida and the 2014 Florida Magazine Association Award winner for “Best Consumer Magazine in Florida.” Ocala Magazine is the definitive city/regional magazine, celebrating more than 30 years of publication, delivering engaging content delivered with cutting-edge design to make it the ultimate in gracious Central Florida Living.


Ocala Magazine had an under-performing website with a design that was inappropriate for a magazine of its stature. They were using a third-party, do-it-yourself web service that restricted their creativity and provided limited functionality. This web provider forced advertising and information Ocala Magazine did not endorse and prevented them from selling their own online advertising to support web operations. Their weak online presence was putting them at a distinct disadvantage with local and regional competition. Advertisers, aware of the importance of social networking, were beginning to apply pressure to the magazine to improve its presence on these platforms.


7Hills Communications applied its top-flight digital design skills to provide Ocala Magazine with a high-end website that stands out among all of Florida’s city magazines. Website features include integration with their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages, an interactive events calendar, and tools to easily manage advertising campaigns. 7Hills also updates content under the direction of the executive editor and maintains the website, including ongoing development and keeping the website safe from hackers.

Old & New Comparison

Old & New Comparison

7Hills Communications also has provided assistance and consultation to Ocala Magazine in building its social media programs. These platforms also are used to drive traffic to their website as new content is posted throughout the month.

In order to provide the best possible customer support to Ocala Magazine, 7Hills Communications provided original content—a seven-page feature article—when the magazine was undergoing a transition in executive editorship.


  • Increased pageviews to ocalamagazine.com by 270% over the same period the previous year (June through May).
  • The “Ocala Magazine Great Dining Giveaway” Facebook promotion generated significant gains in Facebook program performance, goodwill and readership.
  • Significantly improved Ocala Magazine’s Google rankings under the general search term “Ocala” and other relevant search terms. At commencement of the program, the magazine was not listed. Rankings continue to improve.
  • Worked collaboratively with Ocala Magazine to double its Facebook page Likes over the course of one year.
  • Managed Ocala Magazine’s Twitter program and more than doubled followers over the course of one year.
  • Provided sales materials for advertisers explaining how digital marketing and social media are managed and measured at Ocala Magazine, and the impact of these programs for advertisers.

John L Horne is the Creative Director of 7Hills Communications. When he’s not driving his Wacom, he drinks quite a bit of coffee and plays drums.