Case Study: BKJ Architecture

Case Study: BKJ Architecture

BKJ Architecture is a Tallahassee-based architecture firm recently making its big break into the ranks of the best-known firms in the region. The size, scope and number of projects coming their way increased dramatically in 2014 and 2015, and they continue to grow.

Their website, however, did not match the image of a top-flight architecture firm. BKJ’s business is design-intensive. They needed a re-imagining of their online presence to reflect the excellence of their firm’s own work. They also wanted to refresh their logo to help refine their new marketing. For help, they turned to 7Hills Communications.


7Hills devised and executed a plan to modernize BKJ’s image through a significant brand refresh; the creation of a more effective and appropriate website; and co-promotion with a client that was unveiling plans for a new BKJ-designed facility at a large public event. Specific elements of the plan included:

  • Design of a clean, modern company logo using BKJ’s existing color scheme. The logo is appropriate for use in all media including online, presentations, commercial printing and promotional items. The new logo also is a substantial improvement when used as a watermark, significantly improving the look of architectural renderings presented to clients.
  • A transition from their older domain to BKJArchitecture.com to improve visitor memorability and decrease errors resulting from clients mis-typing the old email address.
  • Creation of a new audience-appropriate website designed to position BKJ Architecture as a firm with elite-quality design values. The website includes a “News” section to share BKJ’s increasing press notices and a custom-coded project gallery that allows visitors to easily sort BKJ’s portfolio into different categories. The new website is also mobile-friendly, which increased Google rankings significantly.
  • Creation of new editorial content and reworking of existing content, which improves search engine performance.
  • 7Hills provided high-qiality photography to create professional images of BKJ’s leadership team that harmonize with the website’s design.
  • Coordination of media co-promotion with a major BKJ client — including print, online, event and social media elements — to raise BKJ’s profile in the marketplace.


BKJ Architecture Website Comparison

Old & New Comparison

  • BKJ Leadership is pleased with their new look and website, frequently receive compliments on their new corporate image.
  • Implementation of the new, simplified domain has enhanced public communications and solved a long standing business problem, especially with regard to email memorability.
  • The website is now a mobile-friendly design, optimized for computer, phone, or tablet viewing. This improves the experience for visitors and the site’s Google rank.
  • BKJ increased their search engine rankings under the search terms “Tallahassee Architecture,” and “Tallahassee Architecture Firms.”
  • Media coverage generated through co-promotion resulted in dozens of telephone calls and leads.

John L Horne is the Creative Director of 7Hills Communications. When he’s not driving his Wacom, he drinks quite a bit of coffee and plays drums.