Case Study: Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

Case Study: Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

Founded in 1989 by former First Lady Mrs. Barbara Bush, The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy partners with businesses, the public and many others to provide innovative, effective programs that empower parents and their children to learn to read together.


In 2013, the Barbara Bush Foundation merged with another national nonprofit, the Volunteer USA Foundation. The expanded Foundation needed some extra manpower in communications, and they reached out to 7Hills Communications. The Foundation identified several areas in which assistance was needed: presentations, speechwriting, media relations, social media, and marketing collateral.


  • Developed a Prezi for presentation to Gov. Jeb Bush providing a detailed overview of merger progress and plans.
  • Developed presentations for use in planned-giving campaigns for leaders in a variety of professions.
  • Developed supporting print collateral for planned-giving programs.
  • Composed speeches for Foundation Co-chair Doro Bush Koch (one of which generated national media coverage) and the Foundation’s executive director.
  • Composed an Op Ed for National Family Literacy Day with Mrs. Barbara Bush as signatory. The Op Ed, originally placed in the Houston Chronicle, was picked up nationally.
  • Developed and maintained a new Twitter presence for the Foundation. The Foundation’s Twitter following grew from 1 to more than 1,500 in six weeks using hashtags that appeal to educators.
  • Wrote and developed content for the Foundation website, including a series of newsletters touting the success of mentor participants in the Foundation’s Teen Trendsetters™ program.
  • Created and placed a full-page advertisement for the Florida Celebration of Reading, one of the Foundation’s premier annual events. The advertisement appeared in Florida Trend magazine.
Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

Left: Full-page advertisement for Florida Trend magazine. Right: Web content for Teen Trendsetters literacy program.


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