Case Study: Anthony Dixon, PhD

Case Study: Anthony Dixon, PhD

Dr. Anthony Dixon, author of Up From Incarceration, and the textbooks Florida’s Negro Wars and A Timeline of the African Diaspora Experience, is a professor of history at Florida A & M University. Once incarcerated for more than five years, he turned his life around and earned a Ph.D. in history from Indiana University. He is considered a national expert in the African diaspora and is the historical/archival director of Mississippi’s B.B. King Museum. He is a sought-after speaker and has a passion for working with at-risk youth.


Dr. Anthony Dixon makes a living off his archival research company, his teaching, his writing and his speaking. He was concerned that his public image was suffering from a corporate identity that lacked good design sense, intuitiveness and consistency. In addition, his previous book publisher provided him with substandard cover art, design and typesetting. He needed help.



Old & New Comparison

7Hills Communications designed and published quality editions of Dr. Dixon’s three books. In the marketing arena, 7Hills Communications provided a cohesive and professional package to create a relatable identity to help Dr. Dixon market his business and books. This involved a rework of existing tools and the creation of new tools.



  • Published three high-quality books, including cover photography, design and typesetting.
  • Produced information packages and media kits to promote books, speaking engagements and media interviews.
  • Provided a top-quality website, including an e-bookstore that allows visitors to purchase Dr. Dixon’s books from an integrated shopping cart.
  • Provided top-quality presentation graphics/signage for use at book signings and speaking engagements.

John L Horne is the Creative Director of 7Hills Communications. When he’s not driving his Wacom, he drinks quite a bit of coffee and plays drums.